• Deciding If You Are a Good Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift

    If you want have unwanted fat in some areas of your body by wish your buttocks were shapelier, then a Brazilian butt lift could be right for you. This fat-transfer procedure helps patients achieve a curvier appearance while trimming less desirable areas of weight. To determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure, schedule a consultation with a specialist in cosmetic surgery in New York City. Here are some of the factors he or she will consider. butt - lift

    Availability of Fat

    A Brazilian butt lift cannot be performed on patients who do not have an adequate amount of fat elsewhere on their bodies to be transferred. One of the reasons Brazilian butt lifts are considered so safe for patients is that surgeons reduce the risk of infection by using patients’ own fat. Ideally, fat should be available on the stomach, thighs, and back. Generally, patients should be at least a size six in clothing to be considered for the procedure, but cosmetic surgeons evaluate each patient individually.

    Tightness of Skin

    For a Brazilian butt lift to be successful, the skin around the buttocks needs to be relatively tight. Sagging skin won’t respond to the augmentation, as the fat transfer won’t stop the skin from sagging. If you have sagging skin, a traditional butt lift, in which excess skin is removed, may be a more appropriate procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon will help you choose the right option for you.

    Commitment to Recovery

    Patients are typically extremely pleased with the results of their Brazilian butt lifts, but to get the best results, patients have to commit to the aftercare plan. Doctors recommend avoiding putting any weight on the buttocks for the first two weeks after surgery and only sitting on soft cushions for the first six weeks. If you must sit during the first two weeks, it should be on a very soft cushion for a limited amount of time. Patients can return to work within seven to 10 days and must wear a compression body garment to control swelling for six to eight weeks.

  • Are You a Candidate for Body Contouring?

    Are you dissatisfied with your appearance? If so, professional body contouring near Manhattan offers you an effective way to achieve your ideal figure when a balanced diet and exercise are not enough. Some of the most popular types of body contouring include Brazilian butt lift , body lift, tissue tightening, and tummy tucks. Good candidates for a body contouring procedure should be within 10-15 pounds of their ideal weight, and they should be in good health overall. An experienced medical professional can advise you whether body contouring is the right choice for you.

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