• Sculpting the Perfect Backside

    Are you dissatisfied with your appearance? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take fat from one part of your body and move it to another part of your body? With cosmetic surgery in Manhattan , you can do just that. Read on to find out how you can enjoy a fuller and more attractive backside with a Brazilian butt lift.

    This advanced cosmetic surgery procedure is designed to take unwanted fat from one part of the body and transfer it to the buttocks to create a fuller backside. During the procedure, fat is typically taken from the thighs, stomach, or back before it is purified and injected into the buttocks. A cosmetic surgeon then uses liposuction to create an attractive contour for a shapely and attractive backside. Patients are instructed to wear body garments for six to eight weeks in order to control swelling and provide the best results possible.

    Brazilian Butt Lift Manhattan

  • Signs a Tummy Tuck Is Right for You

    Liposuction is not the only cosmetic procedure that can get rid of stubborn, unwanted fat—a tummy tuck in Manhattan can also help you become more confident in your appearance! This procedure removes excess skin to create a smoother, tighter, and more toned-looking stomach. These signs can help you decide if a tummy tuck is right for you. tummy tuck manhattan

    You Have Excess Abdominal Fat
    If you are unhappy with excess fat around your stomach, a cosmetic surgeon might recommend a tummy tuck to remove this fat. Tummy tuck patients may have this excess fat for a variety of reasons, including aging, recent weight loss, pregnancy, or experience with another type of surgery. Getting a tummy tuck can remove the excess fat to give you a tighter, smoother, and more attractive stomach.

    You Eat Right and Exercise Regularly
    Tummy tucks remove excess fat, but that does not mean they are right for everyone interested in losing weight. Ideal candidates for tummy tucks are people who have a healthy diet and exercise regularly but still have stubborn stomach fat that will not seem to go away. If you have been working hard to lose weight or keep your body in good shape but are struggling with abdominal fat, a tummy tuck might be the right cosmetic surgery procedure for you.

    You are in Good Health
    It is always important for patients to be in good health before undergoing surgery. The healthier you are, the easier it is for your body to handle surgery and start recovering as quickly and efficiently as possible when surgery is over. If you are not currently in good health, you can take time to work on improving your health before visiting a cosmetic surgeon.

    You Know What to Expect
    The best patients will have the right expectations for a tummy tuck procedure. This cosmetic procedure is not a form of weight-loss surgery, though it can remove significant amounts of fat and excess skin. You should have realistic expectations before going into the procedure. Talking to a cosmetic surgeon can help you understand the procedure and what to expect!

  • Reasons to Consider a Breast Lift

    You have likely heard of breast augmentation, but what about mastopexy? This procedure, more commonly referred to as a breast lift in Manhattan , raises the breast tissue and tightens the surrounding skin for higher, firmer, and perkier breasts.

    Is a breast lift the right procedure for you? The answer might be yes if you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, but satisfied with the size. A breast lift can be the right choice if you notice your breasts drooping due to pregnancy or breastfeeding. This procedure can also help you regain your confidence if your breasts have become pendulous after losing weight or simply due to aging. Women who find that their breasts lack firmness may also be interested in undergoing a breast lift.

    You can schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon to learn more about the breast lift procedure and who makes the ideal candidate. A plastic surgeon will be able to evaluate your breasts and determine if a breast lift can help you achieve your goals!

    breast lift manhattan

  • The Uses of ThermiTight

    Loose skin can take a toll on your confidence. Aging, weight loss, and lifestyle habits can all impact the elasticity of your skin, resulting in skin that appears loose and saggy. Luckily, ThermiTight near Manhattan can help you say goodbye to loose skin and gain more confidence in your appearance! This non-surgical cosmetic procedure has many uses, including the following: non surgical treatment manhattan

    Tightening Loose Skin
    Do you have loose skin around your face, neck, chest, stomach, or arms? It is normal for skin to lose elasticity as we get older, but some cases are more severe than others. Sun exposure, smoking, and even gravity can all make skin sag faster, making it difficult to feel confident in your appearance. ThermiTight is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that can tighten sagging skin by stimulating collagen production.

    Getting Rid of Small Amounts of Fat
    Liposuction is a popular procedure to remove fat, but not every patient wants to undergo surgery. ThermiTight can also reduce small amounts of fat by targeting specific fat cells in trouble areas. This provides a great alternative for patients who want to get rid of small amounts of fat around the face, neck, arms, stomach, and chest, but who do not want to undergo a liposuction procedure.

    Improving Signs of Wrinkles
    Wrinkles and fine lines are other annoyances that can come with aging. ThermiTight also provides nerve ablation properties which can help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the face. Nerve ablation can target the muscles that cause wrinkles to form, temporarily stopping the movement to keep skin smooth and soft. Many patients use this treatment in addition to Botox, enjoying results that can last up to two years.

    Reducing Excess Sweat
    If you suffer from hyperhidrosis or other conditions that cause excessive sweating, ThermiTight can help you find relief! The nerve ablation properties that reduce signs of wrinkles can also reduce the amount of sweat produced by the sweat glands in your arms. After treatment, you will be able to feel more confident in how you look and how you smell.