• Mini Tummy Tucks 101

    Are you frustrated by a persistent stomach pooch that won’t respond to your diet and exercise efforts? This common complaint can be addressed with a tummy tuck, but some patients don’t require this full cosmetic surgery procedure. For these patients, a mini tummy tuck may be more appropriate. If you’re considering a mini tummy tuck in Manhattan , here is what you need to know.

    Unlike tummy tucks, which involved the entire abdomen, mini tummy tucks only involve the part of the stomach between the belly button and the pubic bone. This cosmetic surgery procedure is often recommended for patients whose excess skin and fatty tissue are isolated to this region. The recovery time for mini tummy tucks is usually faster than the complete procedure, with some patients recovering in just one week.

    To be an ideal candidate for a mini tummy tuck, you should be at a stable weight and not be planning any pregnancies. As with all cosmetic surgery procedures, you should be a non-smoker and not have any medical conditions that could interfere with recovery.

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  • The Gynecomastia Procedure

    Are you wondering if gynecomastia surgery in Manhattan is right for you? Found in about half of all men, gynecomastia describes an enlargement of the breast tissue. This condition can affect men at any age, making it a common ailment found in teenagers, men in their 50s, and all ages in between.



    Gynecomastia is not a serious medical problem, but it can have a significant impact on your self-esteem and mental health. This condition can sometimes resolve on its own, usually when the patient is overweight, through healthy diet and regular exercise. Gynecomastia surgery is ideal for men who do not smoke or use drugs, are healthy and at an ideal weight, and have stabilized breast development. For men who meet these criteria, they can expect to be treated with liposuction, excision, or both of these for their treatment.


    For your outpatient gynecomastia surgery procedure, you will receive a local anesthetic. When gynecomastia is the result of excess fatty tissue, your plastic surgeon will use liposuction treatment to remove the fat. This procedure consists of inserting a thin, hollow, tube called a cannula into the breast tissue through several small incisions. Your surgeon will move the cannula in a back and forth motion to loosen and then vacuum out the fat.


    For patients who have excess skin around the breast or glandular tissue that may cause the gynecomastia to reoccur after surgery, the plastic surgeon may use excision as part of the procedure. This technique can be used to remove extra skin and glandular breast tissue, as well as to reposition the nipple or reduce the areola to create a more natural appearance. In some cases, both liposuction and excision techniques will be required to provide optimal results for the patient.


    Side effects of gynecomastia treatment typically include bruising, swelling, and a burning sensation. By wearing an elastic support garment, these symptoms usually disappear over the course of three to six weeks.

  • A Look at the Mommy Makeover Trend

    Because most women continue to juggle their professional, social, and family lives even after having children, there is a growing trend of mommy makeover procedures, which allow women to feel more beautiful and confident in every area of their lives without the stereotypical mom appearance. Having children no longer means having to live with sagging breasts, excess tummy fat , and loose skin thanks to a rise in the popularity of post-pregnancy plastic surgeries for new moms. This article will take a closer look at mommy makeovers and their popularity among the 30-something moms of New York City. A Look at the Mommy Makeover Trend New York

    Included surgeries
    There is no strict guideline for which surgeries are included in a mommy makeover, but most women choose to focus on areas that take the biggest toll during pregnancy—the breasts and midsection. Breast augmentation is big among new moms who are struggling with a loss of perkiness and volume after breastfeeding. For women who cannot eliminate belly bulges, even after spending hours at the gym, tummy tucks are a welcome solution. With a tummy tuck, excess fat and skin are removed as the muscles of the abdomen are tightened to ensure lasting results. With any mommy makeover procedure, surgeries are recommended after women have finished having children so that procedures don’t need to be repeated following a second or third pregnancy.

    Attitudes toward surgery
    Stigmas that previously surrounded cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation and tummy tucks have been broken as more women have embraced these surgeries as a way to get their confidence back. Partners are often supportive of a mother’s decision to have a mommy makeover, because the result is a wife and mom who is comfortable with herself and confident in her beauty. Plus, after the difficulties of pregnancy and infant care, a mommy makeover may be an ideal way for women to pamper themselves.

    The first step in any mommy makeover is finding a skilled surgeon who understands the unique needs and desired surgical results of new mothers. Seeking the care of a board certified, surgeon with fellowships in organizations like the American College of Surgeons will help you find the right care to achieve the look you want in your post-pregnancy body.