• Recovering From a Tummy Tuck

    A tummy tuck in Manhattan can help you achieve your ideal appearance. This type of plastic surgery, which removes fat and excess skin in the abdominal region, is popular among male and female patients alike. A tummy tuck can offer both skin tightening and body sculpting benefits, which can be especially helpful for mothers with loose skin and fatty deposits following pregnancy and childbirth. If you are about to undergo a tummy tuck, it is important to understand what your recovery will entail. Recovering From a Tummy Tuck Manhattan

    Keep Your Surgical Site Clean
    All surgeries come with a risk of infection, and a tummy tuck is no exception. When your plastic surgeon completes your procedure, he will carefully close your incisions and bandage them. However, you may need to change your dressings and clean your wounds in the days following your procedure. Before you receive a tummy tuck, discuss how to clean your incisions with your surgeon. A plastic surgery expert can explain how to wash your wounds, when you can resume showering, and what to do if you detect signs of infection.

    Limit Your Physical Activities
    The healing process following a tummy tuck may vary from patient to patient. Because your surgeon must make incisions that will affect both skin and muscles, it may take several weeks for the surgical site to completely recover. If you engage in strenuous activities that reopen your stitches, you could delay your recovery process or hinder the intended effects of your surgery. As you heal from your procedure, talk to your doctor about what activities you should avoid until your incisions close.

    Attend Your Follow-Up Appointments
    Even if you feel healthy and are free of pain after your tummy tuck, keep up with all scheduled doctor visits after your plastic surgery. Your surgeon can examine your incisions for signs of infection and make sure that they are healing as expected. Your follow-up appointments also give you the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have. When you maintain your postoperative schedule, you can facilitate the healing process and make sure that you get the maximum benefits from your tummy tuck procedure.

  • A Better Breast Lift

    A Better Breast Lift Manhattan Like liposuction or a tummy tuck in Manhattan, a breast lift is a procedure that many women who have gone through pregnancy may want to undergo to get back their pre-baby bodies. In recent years, many innovations to make this type of plastic surgery even better have been made.

    Women must often contend with many physical changes after pregnancy. The skin around the stomach may stretch, which a tummy tuck can correct. The breast tissue may also lose elasticity, which a breast lift can address. When women experience both a loss of volume as well as a loss of elasticity in the breasts, they may seek breast augmentation with a breast lift. For the ease of patients, cosmetic surgery experts can often perform both procedures at the same time. To help patients retain their new physiques, surgeons can also use innovative materials to keep the breasts in position.

  • What You Should Know about the ThermiTight Procedure

    Is the skin around your face or neck beginning to sag? Do you want to tighten your skin without plastic surgery? If so, you might be an ideal candidate for ThermiTight near Manhattan. Though cosmetic surgery procedures such as a facelift can help patients achieve smoother and more youthful complexions, ThermiTight can enhance the appearance of the skin without surgical techniques. This innovative skin tightening procedure relies on radiofrequency to stimulate the production of collagen, the substance that helps skin retain its tautness. What You Should Know about the ThermiTight Procedure Manhattan

    ThermiTight is a procedure that can help individuals of all ages. While the aging process might be more prominent in older individuals, even younger people can experience prematurely sagging skin. Collagen production can both slow with age and suffer damage from environmental agents. The good news is that ThermiTight is suitable for all adult men and women. Because this anti-aging procedure uses safe and painless radiofrequencies to trigger collagen production below the epidermis, ThermiTight can help people with all skin tones enjoy younger and tighter skin.

    Individuals who undergo ThermiTight are generally awake during the procedure. Many people find the skin tightening process to be very comfortable, but to ensure the ease of patients, plastic surgery specialists can use pain relief aids as well. ThermiTight can reverse the effects of aging in many regions of the body, including the breasts, neck, and face. Once the targeted region is selected, the cosmetic surgery expert can insert the electrode that will deliver the radiofrequencies to the lower layers of the skin. This type of energy not only stimulates collagen production during the ThermiTight procedure, but also encourages improved results after the treatment is completed.

    A facelift can provide many cosmetic benefits, but it often requires several weeks of recovery time. In contrast, ThermiTight demands virtually no rest. Though edema or redness may develop following treatment, these side effects are only mild and temporary and typically only last a few days. Although the procedure may be repeated, most patients obtain optimal results after only a single treatment. As collagen continues to grow beneath the epidermis, patients can watch their skin become increasingly taut and more youthful in appearance.