Liposuction Procedure

Fat removal solution for patients near Manhattan & NYC

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to remove excess fat from various areas of your body. Once completed, you can achieve a slimmer, more ideal shape and contour. Liposuction is performed by making a small incision in the desired area and suctioning out fat deposits through a small tube. Depending on the area you wish to have liposuction on, you may only need local anesthesia.

Dr. Singer can remove unwanted fat from the following areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Waist
  • Saddlebag Area
  • Thighs
  • Calves
  • Ankles
  • Breasts
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Neck

Liposuction may be right for you if you have firm skin, have areas of fat that are not proportionate with the rest of your body, and wish to have smoother contours in certain areas of your body. If you are considering liposuction, you can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Singer. It is important to keep in mind what area or areas of your body you wish to change, your ideal weight, and how elastic your skin is, as well as the amount of excess fatty tissue you want removed prior to visiting Dr. Singer. You must also keep in mind future weight changes, such as pregnancies and weight loss activities.

Dr. Singer can perform various types of liposuction techniques including:

  • Tumescent Liposuction
  • Suction-Assisted Liposuction
  • Power-Assisted Liposuction
  • Laser-Assisted Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is a type of anesthetic used during the liposuction procedure that contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic, and other medications. It is injected prior to surgery in order to reduce post-surgical pain and bleeding. Suction-assisted liposuction is a traditional form of liposuction and involves vacuuming out unwanted fat. Power-assisted liposuction is a traditional form of suction-assisted liposuction, but involves a tool to increase the movement of the cannula. This speeds up the fat removal process. Power-assisted liposuction is often used for large volume liposuction. Laser-assisted liposuction includes SmartLipo and involves a special type of laser designed to interrupt fat cells and make fat removal more effective.

If you have any further questions about liposuction procedures near NYC, please call (212) 517-5600 now!