What Happens During a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Are you interested in a Brazilian butt lift or body lift near Manhattan? A Brazilian butt lift is an innovative new cosmetic surgery that transfers fat from other areas of your body to your buttocks.

A Brazilian butt lift is designed to make your posterior appear rounder and fuller. During this procedure, a plastic surgeon removes fat tissue from an area of your body with stubborn fat pockets that cannot be eliminated through diet and exercise. Fat can be removed via liposuction from the back, stomach, or thighs. It is then purified before being re-injected into the buttocks area. To make sure your buttocks are perfectly contoured, your plastic surgeon will also use liposuction on your buttocks area. By performing liposuction and then re-injecting fat, your plastic surgeon can deliver fuller, firmer buttocks. After your cosmetic surgery, it is important to avoid putting direct pressure on the area for two weeks. If you do need to sit before that, make sure to sit on a soft cushion. As with any cosmetic surgery, you can expect to feel sore for several days. You may want to wear a body garment for six to eight weeks to minimize swelling.

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