Is a Breast Augmentation Right for You?

Along with liposuction and the Brazilian Butt Lift, breast augmentation is among the most popular types of plastic surgery. Before you decide whether to get breast implants, you’ll meet with a plastic surgeon in Manhattan. The plastic surgeon will review your medical history, ask you some questions about your expectations, and discuss the procedure. Your plastic surgeon can help you determine whether breast enhancement is right for you or if another type of cosmetic surgery might help you achieve your goals for your appearance. Manhattan Breast Augmentation

Are You Dissatisfied with Your Breasts?

Consider your reasons for wanting to get breast implants. Plastic surgeons typically recommend having breast augmentation to make yourself happy, rather than to please another person. Many women choose to get breast implants because they feel that their breasts are too small and that this has a negative effect on femininity. Other individuals may have breast augmentation as part of a series of procedures for gender affirmation.

Are You in Good Overall Health?

Good candidates for breast augmentation procedures and other types of plastic surgery are in good overall health. Every surgery has the potential for health risks. If you’re a smoker or you are otherwise in poor health, you may be at a higher risk of complications. Your plastic surgeon may ask you to quit smoking before having the procedure. If you’re planning to have breast augmentation after surviving breast cancer, you may need to be cancer-free for a certain period of time before receiving breast implants.

Do You Have Realistic Expectations?

Most women who undergo breast augmentation procedures do have realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery. Your plastic surgeon can help you understand what this procedure can and cannot accomplish. Depending on your goals for your appearance, you might choose to undergo additional surgeries, such as a breast lift.

Are You Planning Any Life Changes?

Let your plastic surgeon know if you’re planning any significant changes in your life. He or she should know if you plan to lose a significant amount of weight, if you intend on becoming pregnant, and if you plan to breastfeed. Clinical studies do not indicate that breast implants affect fetal health. However, family planning may influence the recommended size of the implants.

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