Answering Your Questions About ThermiTight

When you consult a plastic surgeon in Manhattan about skin rejuvenation procedures, he or she may recommend ThermiTight. ThermiTight is an effective, safe, and painless procedure that tightens the skin by stimulating the production of collagen . One question you might have about ThermiTight is how it works. When you visit the plastic surgery office for your ThermiTight appointment, the plastic surgeon will first apply a local anesthetic to eliminate any discomfort. Then, he or she inserts a needle-thin probe underneath the skin. The probe transmits radiofrequency energy, which causes tissue shrinkage and stimulates collagen production.

Since ThermiTight is performed in a plastic surgery office, some patients may have questions about the recovery process. However, ThermiTight isn’t a surgical procedure; it’s a micro-invasive treatment that doesn’t require any downtime or repeat procedures. The only precaution you’ll need to take is to use mild soaps and lotions for several days following your appointment. Additionally, be sure to apply sunscreen before going outdoors.

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