Tummy Tuck Words to Know

Before you get a tummy tuck in Manhattan , it is important to have a basic understanding of the procedure and its terminology. Use this guide to increase your tummy tuck vocabulary so you are ready for the procedure and the results it can bring:

Abdominoplasty is the surgical term for the tummy-tuck procedure. General anesthesia refers to the drugs used to keep a patient unconscious throughout the surgery. Sutures are the stitches that the surgeon will use to close the incision once the surgery is complete. Liposuction is a different plastic surgery procedure that sucks extra fat out of a certain part of the body. It can be used with a tummy tuck to offer the best results.

If you are unhappy with the look of your stomach, you should schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon to find out if a tummy tuck can help. Working with the right surgeon gives you the chance to target your trouble areas and get the results that you want.

Tummy Tuck Manhattan

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