A Patient’s Guide to Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you wish you had a little more fullness in your buttocks, and maybe a little less of it in other parts of your body? Now, you can shift that excess fat from where you don’t want it to where you do with a Brazilian butt lift. With this plastic surgery, your doctor can take fat from your back, stomach, thighs, or other area where you want to get rid of it and transfer it to your buttocks to give you the curves you’re lacking. Because the procedure uses your own fat, there is little risk of complications, and the results can be dramatic. Learn more about the Brazilian butt lift procedure in this infographic from EBS Plastic Surgery , a practice that offers cosmetic surgery in Manhattan. Schedule an appointment to learn more about this procedure and to see plastic surgery before and after photos, and spread the word about this exciting procedure by sharing this infographic.

Brazilian butt lift infographic manhattan

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