What to Know About a Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery can successfully improve the shape, position, and firmness of breasts that may appear droopy or saggy due to age, weight loss, prior removal of breast implants, or breast-feeding. If desired, your plastic surgeon can also combine a breast lift surgery with a breast augmentation procedure, and enhance your breast size with breast implants. If you’re considering breast lift surgery in Manhattan , keep reading to learn more about this plastic surgery procedure.

Who Can Benefit From Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is a safe, effective plastic surgery procedure for women who feel that their breasts aren’t firm or supple, or appear heavy, droopy, or saggy. Women who also want fuller or larger breasts can request breast implants in conjunction with their breast lift surgery. Prior to committing to breast lift surgery, you can discuss the desired size, shape, and position of your breasts with your plastic surgeon during your consultation. This will ensure that your plastic surgery procedure provides you with the breast enhancement results that you want.

How Plastic Surgeons Perform Breast Lift Surgery

Your plastic surgeon will use just two or three small incisions to perform your breast lift surgery. The location of these incisions depends upon the degree of lift you want for your breasts, your anatomy, and your personal preferences. The incisions may be around your nipples, underneath your breasts, or vertically extending from the bottom of the nipples to the under area of the breasts. Your plastic surgeon will remove excess skin from your breasts, reshape and reposition breast tissue and areola, and potentially use liposuction to improve the breasts’ shape and contour.

Breast Lift Surgery Recovery

After your breast lift surgery, you may need to wear a special bra or bandages to compress your breasts. This minimizes the pain and swelling that may result from any plastic surgery procedure. Your plastic surgeon may prescribe pain medication for you. You should avoid any extreme physical activity or heavy lifting for four to six weeks post-surgery. Your stiches will be removed in two to three weeks.

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