What Is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

What Is a Mini Tummy Tuck? Manhattan The fat that resides around the abdominal area is often the most resistant to diet and exercise. That is why even physically fit men and women might seek a tummy tuck in Manhattan. This type of cosmetic surgery can both remove stubborn fatty deposits and offer skin tightening benefits. However, for individuals with only minimal cosmetic needs, a mini tummy tuck might be an ideal treatment alternative to traditional abdominoplasty.

A mini tummy tuck typically targets unwanted fat and skin laxity in the lower abdominal region. This plastic surgery option lessens the risk of postoperative scarring, as its minimally invasive nature requires a smaller incision. Patients can still enjoy a flatter and firmer postoperative physique, and they may also have little to no visible side effects of their treatment. Because a mini tummy tuck demands a smaller incision, it also results in less trauma to surrounding tissues. For this reason, individuals who undergo this type of cosmetic surgery often recover more quickly than those who undergo more extensive plastic surgery procedures.

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