What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Sometimes a lack of shape can make people feel self-conscious about their buttocks. If you want a fuller, rounder backside, your plastic surgeon can help. Keep reading to learn more about a Brazilian butt lift and how it can improve your aesthetic appearance and give you the body contour you always wanted!

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A Procedure to Transfer Fat Where You Need It

If you have extra fat in certain areas of the body, your plastic surgeon can actually transfer it to a place that is missing a little bit of volume. By using fat from your own body, this procedure has a lower risk of infection. It also helps you get a more proportional and natural-looking shape.

The Buttocks Is Shaped with Liposuction

After your surgeon takes the fat from one area of the body, he or she will then purify it before placing it into the buttocks. The doctor will perform liposuction on the area to make sure the fat maintains a natural-looking shape. Liposuction allows the surgeon to create a full, firm rear that helps you get the body you want.

Plastic Surgery with a Short Recovery Period

Once you get your Brazilian butt lift, it is important to avoid putting pressure on the area for about two weeks after the surgery. The surgeon will suggest that you use a cushion that will give you a place to sit during the recovery period. After the first two weeks, you should try to stick to soft surfaces when you sit. You will meet with your plastic surgeon after the procedure to make sure everything is healing properly.

The Brazilian butt lift is a plastic surgery that brings huge results. Most patients who opt for this kind of plastic surgery in New York City are extremely happy with their results. If you are interested in changing your shape, find a reputable doctor in your area and talk about what a Brazilian butt lift can do for you.

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