Dr. Singer is a doctor who actually hears what you are about and what you want.
He was both caring and available post surgery. I could not have been more pleased with my results. - Arlene M. New York, NY

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Elan B. Singer, MD

Elan B. Singer, MD

Plastic Surgery in Manhattan

A board-certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan, NY, Dr. Elan B. Singer practices the full range of plastic and reconstructive surgery, with an emphasis on aesthetic procedures and body contouring. Dr. Singer understands his patients prefer a subtle change in form and function. He works closely with you to tailor his expertise to your expectations, crafting a refreshed and natural look over one that is obviously manufactured.

From the first visit through the last postoperative visit, Dr. Singer guarantees his patients immediate access and individualized care. He ensures his first-class staff members are always available, but also prides himself on answering all your medical questions personally.

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Frequently Asked Questions
I really want the outer corners of my eyes to be “lifted”. I am a 58 year old woman in New York and am looking for a nonsurgical option. Is Botox a possible solution for me?

Botox is great to lift the eyebrows but will not lift the eyes. Around the eyes, Botox if used to smooth out the fine lines referred to as “crow’s feet”.


I am a 23 year old woman in New York and am currently a 36B wanting to have a breast augmentation to bring me to a 36D. How large of an implant would this require?

Final post operative breast size is determined by the amount of breast tissue naturally occurring plus the volume of the implant. Most patients ask me the same questions. The best answer I can ffer is to come in to the office for a consultation. I have various sizes in office you can try on with […]



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